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Satoshi recently married Miki, but is unable to spend much time with her. Suddenly, Miki's best friend and Hinata's colleague appeared. Seeing that Satoshi was not done yet, she helped him a little. She also went to get coffee for Satoshi but accidentally spilled it all on Satoshi. Hinata couldn't go home so she asked Satoshi to come home and change her clothes because she still had her ex-boyfriend's things. Arriving home, Hinata quickly changed into revealing clothes, her nipples were hidden by the thin fabric and Ash's cock immediately stood erect. When Satoshi asked Hinata again, she said she didn't have a girlfriend. friend. Every time she is lonely, Hinata looks for a new partner. In your opinion, sex is the same as friends and is not considered adultery, so why can't two people become friends? The two made love all night long and Ash released all the sexual desire he had built up! Fucking my colleague all night without thinking

Workplace love affair
Workplace love affair
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